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Clock Oscillators

HEF & HEH Clock Oscillators
Very wide frequency range starting at 1 Hz
Tight tolerance available as low as ±5 PPM
Extended temperature range up to -55+125C.
**For oscillators up to 300C please see our High Temperature Oscillators for more information

HE-SMO-550 (5V)/HE-SMO-533 (3.3V)
HE-SMO-525 (2.5V)
HE-SMO-518 (1.8V)
Miniature 5 x 3.2 x 1mm SMD package
Industry standard pin out spacing
Extended temperature range available

HE-SMO-180 (5V)/HE-SMO-190 (3.3V)
HE-SMO-250 (2.5V)
HE-SMO-18 (1.8V)
7mm x 5mm SMD Package
Very wide frequency range from 1 MHz to 166 MHz
Tight tolerance available as low as ±15 PPM
Extended temperature range optional

3mm x 2mm SMD Package
Tight tolerances and many options available.
Please contact HEC, INC. for more information.

HE-SMO-120 (5V)
HE-SMO-130 (3.3V)
Industry standard plastic j-leaded packaging
Ability to withstand high temperature solder reflow processes
High frequencies available
Also available in programmable version

7mm x 5mm SMD Programmable Oscillator
Very wide frequency range from 340 kHz to 250 MHz
TTL, CMOS, or PECL output options available
Extended temperature range optional
5V or 3.3V Available

Multiple time programmable in compact 7x5mm package
Input voltage can be programmed to 3V, 3.3V, and 5V
Very quick turnaround
Any frequency up to 200 MHz can be programmed unlimited times

HE-SPO-550 (5V)
HE-SPO-533 (3.3V)
Programmable miniature 5 x 3.2 x 1mm SMD package
Wide frequency range 1 to 125 MHz
Speedy lead-times

Operating temperatures up to 300C
Low Profile: seated height only 0.200″
DIP types in commercial & military versions
Wide frequency range: 1 Hz to 25 MHz
Stability specification options from ±20 to ±1000 PPM

Wide frequency range from 250 kHz to 120 MHz
Tolerances as tight as ±5 PPM
High temperature ranges optional
TO8 Package also available